Kyriazis siegt in Griechenland

Bei einer neuen Serie auf der Rcmanics Argos Strecke trug sich Michalis Kyriazis beim ersten von drei Rennen in die Siegerliste ein. Michalis Kyriazis gewann in der 13,5 Turn Klasse.

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Race report by Fotis Agelakopoulos

A new series started at Rcmaniacs Argos track. This was the first of 3 races. XRAY was there to support the series and track.

Michalis Kyriazis (XRAY) won all qualification and all finals with his T4’21.

Congratulations to all drivers and track personnel for their great hospitality and great organization.

Many thanks to all local drivers for their great support of the race. Stay tuned for next round

Super Stock 13.5 results:

  1. Kyriazis M. – XRAY T4‘21
  2. Oikonomou F.
  3. Kidis C.  – XRAY T4‘21
  4. Mitropoulos D. – XRAY T4‘21
  5. Kazoglou G. – XRAY T4‘21

Quelle:  teamxray