CORE RC High Response Medium Federn für Offroad 1/10

Neu von CORE RC sind diese High Response Medium Federn für  1/10 Offroader für vorne. Diese gibt es in verschiedenen Federraten, werden mit Schrumpfschlauch farblich markiert und als Set oder Einzeln erhältlich.

Englische Version

Introducing the new CORE RC High Response Medium Springs for the front of 1/10th Off Road Buggies.

Developed by Schumacher engineers and high level drivers over a wide range of conditions, from low grip dirt to high grip carpet.

These springs have been made to improve the responsiveness of the cars, compared to the alternative CORE RC and Schumacher Big Bore Springs.

They feature less coils and have a thinner wire diameter.

They also offer a handy weight saving, by an average 3 grams per pair over previous CORE RC Springs.

For use on the front of the Cougar LD2, CAT L1 EVO and other cars using big bore shocks.

CR831 – High Response Spring; Med Green – 3.4 lb/in (pr)
CR832 – High Response Spring; Med Blue – 3.7 lb/in (pr)
CR833 – High Response Spring; Med Black – 4.0 lb/in (pr)
CR834 – High Response Spring; Med Orange – 4.3 lb/in (pr)
CR835 – High Response Spring; Med Yellow – 4.6 lb/in (pr)
CR836 – High Response Spring; Med Purple – 4.9 lb/in (pr)
CR837 – High Response Spring; Med Grey – 5.2 lb/in (pr)
CR838 – High Response Spring Tuning Set Med 7prs


Quelle: Schumacher Racing und  CS-SHOP