Der neue X1‘23 ist Online

Für Formelfans im Maßstab 1/10 gibt es einen neuen Elektro von Xray.  Der X1‘23 ist neu vorgestellt worden.


  • New front suspension design featuring innovative CFF™ upper arms with improved flex characteristics and integrated camber adjustments
  • New chassis accommodates the CFF™ front suspension, redesigned battery backstop and the revised wheelbase setting with reinforced chassis areas
  • One-piece central front bulkhead integrates the steering arm mount and optimized wheelbase adjustments for simplicity
  • Innovative CFF(tm) front upper arms make the X1 extremely responsive & sharp, generate fantastic cornering speed & traction, and simplify the camber adjustment process for easy setup changes
  • Front upper arm mount allows for easier caster adjustments and top side installation for much easier assembly and maintenance
  • Redesigned center top deck with easier mounting
  • Convenient battery mounting system secures the pack without O-ring or tape in a tweak-free, floating manner that improves traction and consistency, and features new low profile lightweight bushings for a sleeker look and lower CG
  • Redesigned independent wing mount system is machined from harder carbon fiber material for more stable handling and features 2 centering pins for more secure assembly
  • Redesigned side braces are mounted using low profile bushings to eliminate M3 nuts

Hier die komplette Präsentation des  X1’23 :


Quelle: teamxray