Classic Team Lotus 97 Karosserie

Eine neue Formel 1 Classic Karosserie kommt von Fenix Racing. Die Karosserie passt auf Fenix ​​F1-70-, Tamiya F103- und F104W-Chassis sowie auf alle Autos mit ähnlichen Ausmaßen und Abmessungen. Die Karosserie ist aus hochwertigem Polycarbonat geformt, transparent und es liegen Classic Team Lotus-Aufkleber bei.


Englische Version

In 1985 Lotus was using the 97T, a car which was an evolution of the Lotus 95

Designed by Gerard Ducarouge, the Lotus 97T was powered by the Renault turbo engine and was bringing some innovation in aerodynamic, such as the barge-board behind the front wheels and winglets in front of the rear wheels.

Drivers were Elio de Angelis and Ayrton Senna.

This model prove to be a formidable weapon for the duo allowing to score 8 pole position (7 for the Brazilian and 1 for the Italian), 3 victories (2 for Senna) and 3 fastest lap.

Senna’s skills were clear to many, but become bright in his maiden victory taken at the Portuguese Gp, under an impossible rain, were only Michele Alboreto, second, wasn’t lapped by Ayrton. Another fine victory was scored by Elio de Angelis in Imola and by Senna, again, in wet-dry conditions in Spa. Unfortunately, fuel consumption rule was killing Lotus hopes quite often, forcing them out of the championship rule. 1985 was a spectacular year for F1, at the end of the season, there were 8 gp winners, in 16 races!

For almost half season, 4 teams were fighting for the final prize. McLaren, Ferrari, Williams and Lotus. With Williams and Lotus sharing the same amount of points at end of the year.

The body is fitting Fenix F1-70, Tamiya F103 and F104W chassis as well as all cars of similar layout and dimensions The body comes molded from high-quality polycarbonate, supplied transparent, with Classic Team Lotus decals.

Quelle: Fenix-Racing