Von MXLR kommt etwas Neues für den Awesomatix. Diesmal handelt es sich um ein nützliches Tool für die Dämpfer.

Dabei handelt es sich um einen bekannten AIR Remover, der speziell für die Dämpfer vom Awesomatix A800R ist.

Englische Version

Our MXLR A800R ShockVac is a specially designed case which holds the new designed Awesomatix dampers in upright position to suck the air out of the case/silicone oil by using one of the known Air Removers.

With the all new design of these dampers its very hard to put them into the case of a normal air remover. The solution is our super slim design ShockVac! Reliable and stable positioning to fit perfectly under the upper case of the Air Remover. The solid alloy case allows a deep and lasting vacuum which is key to get all the small air bubbles out of the complex A800R dampers.
Additionally it’s very handy in size which means it doesn’t take as much space on your pit table while working and is easy to store it in your race bag.

The ShockVac is machined from high quality black anodized aluminum with silver edges and laser engraved MX logo. Reliability, quality and style combined to the best possible product!

Art. Number: MAX-02-003

IMPORTANT: The upper case, the rubber sealing and the vacuum pump itself is NOT included in this set!
You need to use the parts from the RIDE Air Remover (#29101 or #29100) , or the Tamiya Air Remover set (#54152).

*INFO: We may use additional parts, cars and/or items to display the use of our above described and named product. This additional parts, cars and/or items are NOT part of the above described and named product.


Quelle: MXLR