XRS Onroad Poland – Das Finale

Am letzten Wochenende ging die Saison 22/23 von der XRS Milansport zu Ende. Nach 3 Rennen gab es nun die finale Endabrechnung.

Report by Michal Milanowicz

In TC Stock 13.4T Paweł Staszewski as always was on point with his driving taking the TQ and Win at the last round, also in the overall season Win. The fight was between Pawel Miasek and Michal Bugajski for the podium position and overall place. Paweł was able to keep his second spot after qualis and turning it in 2nd place on podium, Michał came in 3rd.

13.5 overall season podium:

  1. Pawel Staszewski – Awesomatix
  2. Pawel Miasek – XRAY X4
  3. Michal Bugajski – XRAY X4

Overall season Junior division:

  1. Pawel Miasek – XRAY X4
  2. Adam Feldy – XRAY X4
  3. Aleksander Smyk – Tamiya

TC Modified is getting bigger with new drivers. But as always Jakub Michalski was the fastes one with clean runs and repetitive times. Jakub took the TQ and Win. On 2n starting place was Jakub Stupnicki who decided to give it a try in Modified with great results. Pawel Miasek as the youngest driver in this class was starting from 3rd place. The fight was there but in the end it all finished as it started with Jakub on 2nd and Paweł on 3rd.

Modified overall season podium:

  1. Jakub Michalski – XRAY X4
  2. Pawel Miasek – XRAY X4
  3. Michel Morovich – Mugen

F1 got its up and downs in number of drivers. This time it was Tomas Hrkel from Slovakia who took the TQ. But in Finals it was a hard fight between him and Dominik Rybarz. Dominik managed to Win the race, Sebastian Stepniak finished the race on 2nd place and Tomas had to settle with 3rd place. But in the overall season Tomas took the top podium.

Formula overall season podium:

  1. Tomas Hrkel – XRAY X1
  2. Sebastian Stepniak – XRAY X1
  3. Marek Skowron – XRAY X1

GT10 is also having hard Times with not so many drivers taking part in the races. Robert Gurgul was able to take the TQ in front of Michał Abramowicz. But in the finals Piotr Bigaj who was starting from 3rd place was able to set his car and fight with Robert for the Win. Piotr managed to Win the race, Michał finished 2nd and Robert on 3rd place.

1/10 GT overall season podium:

  1. Michal Abramowicz – CRC
  2. Piotr Bigaj – Fenix
  3. Robert Gurgul – CRC

FWD class had great fights for the podium. But it was again Paweł Staszewki who took the TQ and Win at the race.  The figth for the 2 spots on the podium was between Jakub Stupnicki and Adrian Lippich. Jakub managed to dfend his 2nd starting spot.

FWD overall season podium:

  1. Pawel Staszewski – Awesomatix
  2. Adrian Lippich – XRAY X4F
  3. Mateusz Cygan – Xpress

1/12 6.5T class showed amazing speed and controll of the car on this track. Jakub Michalski took TQ and converted it into a Win. Adrian Lippich and Norbert Omelanczuk been fighting and trying to keep up with Jakub. Adrian was close to the fight for 1st place but some unlucky situation didn’t allow him to keep up with Jakub.  Adrian finished the race on 2nd place and Norbert on 3rd place.

1/12E overall season podium:

  1. Jakub Michalski – XRAY X12
  2. Adrian Lippich – XRAY X12
  3. Norbert Omelanczuk – Roche

GT12 was great to watch as the fight was on high level. Difference in best lap Times between 1st place and 10th place was around 0.3 sec. Michal Milanowicz took part in the race and was able to take the TQ. In finals it was hard for Michal to defend his pole position as Robert Gurgul was right behind him. In the end Michal was able to take the Win.  Robert had to fight with Przemysła Wicher who was there to fight for the win. Przemysła after great fight with Robert was able to take the 2nd place and Robert finished on 3rd place.

1/12 GT overall season podium:

  1. Robert Gurgul – CRC
  2. Michal Tronowski – CRC
  3. Michal Bugajski – XRAY X12

Kadet class as the entry class for the young drivers had also great moments where the fight was great to watch. The race was dominated by Bartosz Witoszek taking the TQ and Win. Behind Bartosz it was Wiktor Szczygiel who took the 2nd spot. Ignacy Kaminski had a hard time on the track and finished the race on 3rd place.

Kadet overall season podium:

  1. Ignacy Kaminski – XRAY
  2. Bartosz Witoszek – ARC
  3. Wiktor Szczygiel – XRAY

Truck class as always with a lot of fun. At the race it Aleksander Spyra was able to take the TQ and Win. Lukasz Koziol was starting from 2nd spot and was able to keep it. Aleksander Smyk was starting from 3rd spot and was trying to pass Lukasz, but it was hard to do and had to settle with the same spot from the start.

Truck overall season podium:

  1. Aleksander Spyra
  2. Lukasz Koziol
  3. Milan Hrkel


Quelle: teamxray