Yokomo BD12 – Der Herausforderer

Endlich gibt es weitere Infos und Bilder von dem kommenden Elektro 1/10 Tourenwagen von Yokomo. Der BD12 wird den BD11 ablösen.


■Split upper deck and connection to motor mount for improved pitching rigidity
■Shock length is further shortened and bearing-mounted spring holders eliminate twisting
■Body stiffener on front hub carrier prevents interference between body and tire for better traction
■Carbon plate on motor mount for improved pitching rigidity Carbon plates are attached to the motor mounts to increase pitching rigidity ■90T spur gears are used to lower the center of gravity of the drivetrain. The motor has also been moved closer to the front to centralize mass
■Newly designed front shock tower with additional upright shock mounting position
■New rear shock tower with variable rear shock angle
■Shallow countersunk screw machining on the main chassis to prevent damage around the screws
■In a crash Large-diameter suspension spacers prevent damage to the main chassis in a crash.


Quelle: Team Yokomo / Team Yokomo Drift / ToniSport-Logo-Black_web