Joe Richardson im Power HD Team

Das Power HD Team verstärkt sich weiter mit einem neuen Fahrer. Diesmal kommt ein Fahrer aus England neu ins Team, der jedoch in Hong Kong unterwegs.Joe Richardson wird vorallem in Asien die Marke präsentieren und die Produkte einsetzen.

Power HD has announced the signing of Joe Richardson, a British born RC race car driver based out of Hong Kong. For the coming race season, Joe will be racing all of the big RC events in Hong Kong, focus on the Modified class, he will also represent Power HD to attend some international RC events in and around Asia!

Joe has following to say:
I have been using the Power HD S15 Servos for the last 6 months and i was blown away by the quality, reliability and feeling from the servo. It’s amazing to be supported by the Power HD Factory team for my 2023 programe and beyond! I can’t wait to get started!


Quelle: Power HD