Neu – Storm ST2 Kit von Schumacher

Von Schumacher Racing Products kommt eine neue Version des Stadium Truck STORM ST, welche im August lieferbar sein wird. Hier gibt es Bilder und Infos zu dem Fahrzeug.

Englische Version

Schumacher re-entered the competitive stadium truck market with the STORM ST, and achieved multiple race victories, including the European EOS series and MK British GP. The new STORM ST2 takes stadium trucks to the next level with improved suspension geometry, durability and adjustability. The STORM ST2 features a lightweight, low centre of gravity design, for optimum performance on a wide range of track surfaces. Whether you race on high grip carpet, medium grip astro, or low grip dirt, the STORM ST2 is a winner. The knowledge and experience from Schumacher’s racing and engineering team has been applied to every detail of the STORM ST2’s design to make a fast, easy to drive, and user friendly truck that will take you to the top step of the podium.

  • NEW – Front end with adjustable bulkhead height and chassis length adjustment.
  • NEW – Centre track rod assembly with more adjustment.
  • NEW – Front Hub carrier design with screw on plates for more adjustability.
  • NEW – Class leading suspension geometry with durable components and a range of optional alloy parts.
  • NEW – Tri-position radio equipment plate.
  • NEW – Suspension pivot inserts for more accuracy and durability.
  • NEW – Durable, specially formulated composite „S2“ material 4mm shock tower mounts.
  • NEW – 5.5mm large camber-link ball joints.
  • NEW – Moulded shock pistons and bushes.
  • NEW – Front Castor blocks with more camber link and axle adjustability.
  • NEW – Front 5 deg castor blocks with adjustable roll centre heights.
  • NEW – Easy access LiPo mounting with further forward positioning.
  • NEW – 7075-T6 2.5mm Alloy chassis
  • NEW – Rear hub carrier with multi positional camber settings. 10 camber link positions on one plate with shims to adjust the vertical height.
  • NEW – Larger hub bearings for more durability and precision.
  • NEW – Alloy layshaft with a redesigned slipper assembly and an M4 nut for adjustment.


  • 2mm Hex Pro ball studs.
  • Gear Differential Casing, more oil and improved durability.
  • Lightweight steel CVD driveshafts.
  • 3 gear, low centre of gravity, sealed gearbox.
  • Adjustable rear roll centres, inboard toe-in and anti-squat.
  • Rear transmission mounted pivot strap. Increased chassis clearance.
  • Threaded spring collars, for better location and adjustment.
  • Shock seal pack housing with ‚O‘ ring sealing to prevent loosening.
  • 12mm Hex Wheels.
  • Small, low rotating mass transmission, using a gear differential. With 3 position height adjustment, to adjust for driveshaft plunge and mixed track conditions.
  • Front Roll Bar system.
  • 23 super precision ball bearings.
  • Multiple battery fitting options.
  • Specially formulated composite moulded side pods for advanced chassis stiffness tuning.
  • Screw Piston Fixing, with titanium nitride shafts, for easy build, precision and durability.
  • NEW, one piece shock caps and Big Bore Shocks. Threaded collars and twin O-ring sealing.
  • Spur Gear Shield.
  • Lightweight lower spring retaining cup.
  • Optional rear shock location in front or behind the wishbones, standard in the kit.
  • Easy access transmission system, for quick diff access and maintenance.
  • Cable management chassis slots.
  • Inboard Toe Inserts.


K200 – Storm ST2 – Kit


Available Mid August


Quelle: Schumacher Racing und  CS-SHOP