Mugen Seiki zeigt 2WD Buggy

Auf der diesjährigen IFMAR Weltmeisterschaft gab es ein neues Fahrzeuge zu sehen.

Mugen Seiki geht den Schritt 1:10 2WD Buggy mit dem Designer Shin Adachi an. Shin war mit dem Fahrzeug am Start gewesen.

Features of the car include easy front and rear sway bars.  It is also equipped with a front wing mount that has both a upper and lower mounting position with the same feature for the rear wing mount.  The front wing on the car is a Mugen product and with Mugen also offering their own bodyshell and rear win but as it is not yet in production Adachi is using JConcepts here.  The alu chassis has multiple holes so drivers can choose different flex options.  The shock mounting on the rear are adjustable in a inside or outside option, the buggy coming with 13mm shocks.  The ackerman can be changes with a choice of three inserts.  The front end mounting to the chassis is another area that Adachi has added the option for adjustment.  The front hubs offer multiple adjustability with the Adachi pointing out the pre product cars alu steering parts are optional and the kit will ship with plastic parts.  For the electrics there is a carbon mount plate with the option of a brass plate, a brass weight is also offered for under the battery.