CORE RC hat zwei neue RC Car Mittelchen im Programm. Dabei handelt es sich um Schmiermittel speziell für den Modellbau und ganz besonders für die Ansprüche im RC Car. Einmal gibt es ein „Fett“ für Kugeldifferentiale, wie 1/10 Offroad und einem Zweiten für die CVD Antriebswellen.

Englische Version

New from CORE RC are these two Professional greases.

A fantastic addition to the CORE RC grease range.

Firstly a Silicone Ball Diff Grease with High Viscosity (HiVis). It has a longer polymer chain than the original CR753 – CORE RC Silicone Ball Diff Grease – LoVis. For extremely high load applications such as 1/10th Off Road ball diffs.

– CR872 – CORE RC Pro Silicone Ball Diff Grease – HiVis

Secondly a white mineral based, highly tacky (HiTack) calcium thickened grease. It has good water and corrosion resistance, excellent anti wear characteristics and is specifically used on steel universal and CV joints.

– CR873 – CORE RC Pro Driveshaft Grease – HiTack

Extensively tested by our engineering department and factory race team to have you covered for all applications.

Supplied in larger than normal 10ml pots.

Distinctive CORE RC branding keeping your pit area on point.


Quelle: Schumacher Racing und  CS-SHOP