ZooRacing Gorilla MAX 1/10 190mm für FWD

Nun ist die neuste Karosserie von ZooRacing von RC KleinKram vorgestellt wurden. Es handelt sich um die FWD Karosserie Gorilla MAX.

Seht selbst.

RC-KleinKram from Germany are pleased to announce their new ZooRacing Performance Bodies brand ZooRacing. The brainchild of RC-KleinKram founder Stefan Klein, ZooRacing is setting sails to becoming the new benchmark in body shell design. Designed in Germany using the latest 3D CAD software, ZooRacing bodies will set themselves apart from the norm. Never-seen-before features combine with visually appealing designs, resulting in high performance competition body shells that offer the best possible combination of unparalleled performance, creative ideas, cool looks and practical detail solutions, all of which will make prepping and using the bodies a lot easier, more convenient and fun. The latest body to hit stores is the Gorilla MAX 190mm FWD touring car body shell. More electric touring car bodies as well as a host of other lids will follow soon.

RC-KleinKram is the World-wide ZooRacing distributor and dealer inquires are welcome at info@rc-kleinkram.de

Gorilla MAX 190mm FWD touring car body

Introducing the Gorilla MAX, the pinnacle of 1/10th scale on-road body shells from ZooRacing. Designed to push the boundaries of performance in the ever-evolving front-wheel drive touring car class, the Gorilla MAX represents a leap forward in aerodynamic efficiency and handling prowess.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the Gorilla MAX features a sleeker, more aerodynamic roofline that optimizes airflow to the rear wing, resulting in higher top speeds and enhanced stability on the track. The redesigned front end exudes modernity and sophistication, while the closer-fitting wheel arches minimize turbulence at the rear, enabling smoother cornering and improved overall handling.

With a shorter rear section, the Gorilla MAX offers unparalleled agility, allowing drivers to navigate tight corners with precision and confidence. Its increased wheelbase aligns seamlessly with current touring car chassis designs, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.

Furthermore, the Gorilla MAX boasts smoothed surfaces along the side windows, enhancing aerodynamic efficiency and reducing drag for an even more dynamic driving experience.

Built upon ZooRacing’s legacy of innovation and quality craftsmanship, the Gorilla MAX sets a new standard for front-wheel drive touring car body shells, delivering unrivaled performance and style on the racetrack. Experience the next level of racing excellence with the Gorilla MAX. The Gorilla MAX is already EFRA approved for 2024.

The Gorilla MAX 190mm FWD body shell comes moulded from high-quality 0.5mm and 0.7mm polycarbonate and uses ZooRacing‘s ZOOlite moulding process. Part of the package are window masks in a new more flexible and stickier quality, that will ensure window frames of pro quality. The body package is topped of by high-quality wing mounting hardware and a highly detailed sticker sheet including grill, head and tail lights.

– CAD designed
– Specialised FWD body shell with balanced front-to-rear downforce
– Low-profile design for highest top speeds and corner speeds
– Large wheel arches allow the body to be placed forth or back to fine-tune aerodynamics
– Large wheel arches ensure the tyres will not rub in whatever position
– The 0.5mm ULTRAlight body weighs in at 53g race-ready
– The 0.7mm ZOOlite body weighs in at 72g race-ready
– Ride Height 125mm
– Detailed decal sheet
– Wing mounting hardware
– EFRA legal (EFRA5005)
By the way:

What’s the difference between the already existing Gorilla and the Gorilla MAX?
New roof, new front, new rear, new sides – new everything! More top speed, more cornering speed, more aggressive, more precise. Still looking clean and precious.
The Gorilla will still continue – as the standard solution. Gorilla MAX will make good things better – for MAXimum performance!


Source: www.zoo-racing.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/zoozilla2018