Neues AEROX MP1 1/10 Brushless Servo

Von Schumacher Racing Products kommt ein neues Servo von der Marke AEROX mit dem MP1 1/10th Brushless Servo. Dieses ist optimal für 1/10 Offroad Modelle geeignet, aber durchaus auch für andere Modelle eine Option.

Englische Version

This servo is for high level competition, boasting a full metal case, brushless motor, titanium and steel gears and is perfectly specified for speed and torque requirements for 1/10th Off Road Buggies. 

Tested and approved by Schumacher engineers and team drivers to perform at the highest level!

Primarily designed as a mid size servo for 1/10th Off Road Cars, however the AEROX MP1 can be used in many vehicle types.

The MP1 has a 4 pole brushless motor giving higher performance, longer life, greater heat resistance and faster response.


Torque(6.0V): 20.0 kg-cm / (277.7 oz/in)
Torque(7.4V): 26.0 kg-cm / (361.1 oz/in)
Torque(8.4V): 30.0 kg-cm / (416.6 oz/in)
Speed: 0.083 sec (6.0V) 
Speed: 0.067 sec (7.4V)
Speed: 0.055 sec (8.4V)
Operating Voltage: 6.0 ~ 8.4 DC Volts
Weight: 63 g (2.22 oz)
Bearing Type: Ball Bearing x 2
Motor Type: Brushless Motor
Gear Type: 7075+Steel
Operating Temperature: -20℃~60℃
Working frequency: 1520μs / 1666hz
Size: 41.0 x 20.0 x 29.0 mm

Supports the following radio modes;

Futaba : NOR / SR / UR
Flysky Noble NB4 : NOR / SR / SFR

AX066 – AEROX MP1 1/10th Brushless Servo


Quelle: Schumacher Racing und  CS-SHOP