Schutz für GTR Dämpfer von Traxxas

RPM hat neue Teile für euren Traxxas auf den Markt gebracht. Dabei handelt es sich um einen Dämpferschutz für die GTR Dämpfer.

RPM Shock Shaft Guards for Traxxas GTR shocks are the ultimate upgrade to protect your expensive GTR shocks. Rocks, dirt and debris striking shock shafts lead to dents, dings and burrs. Damaged shock shafts leads to torn shock seals. Torn shock seals means leaky shocks and poor shock performance. RPM Shock Shaft Guards shield the shock shaft from those deteriorating elements, prolonging the life of the shock shaft. Smoother shafts improve the longevity of the seals and in turn, prolongs the time between shock rebuilds!

 RPM Shock Shaft Guards for Traxxas GTR shocks are a simple, two-piece design. Our guards replace your stock shock spring cup. We then bolt on a thin but tough shield rising up to the base of the shock body. This shield completely blocks debris from striking the shock shaft. The back and sides are open, which prevents mud and gunk from building inside the guard as well. The front shield of the guard covers over 100 degrees of frontal exposure! RPM Shock Shaft Guards are zero friction protection devices, meaning the guards never touch the moving elements of the shock.

 RPM Shock Shaft Guards are sold in sets of four. Nothing more is needed for installation.

Tech Notes: RPM Shock Shaft Guards fit all Traxxas GTR shocks, but only work with 4×4 versions of the following vehicles: Slash, Rustler, Stampede and Hoss. Please note, due to space constraints, some inner shock mount positions may not be compatible with our Shock Shaft Guards. RPM Shock Shaft Guards are not compatible with the UDR or Revo.

Suggested Retail Price         $11.95 / set of 4

Quelle: RPM und Hoega