Upgrade für deinen Regenerative Discharger DUO auf die 4S v2 Version

Wenn Sie ein altes regeneratives DELCED -Duo haben, kann es nun auf die neuesten regenerativen Entlader 4s aufgerüstet werden. Die neue Version ist nicht nur schöner, sondern auch 20 Unzen leichter, kleiner, ruhiger und mächtiger. Bestellen Sie das Upgrade und senden Sie Ihren Entlader. Dieser wird von RC Discharger auf die neueste Version des Regenerativen Decless 4S upgraden. Der Akku wird für die neue Version wiederverwendet.

Upgrade your Regenerative Discharger DUO to Regenerative Discharger 4S v2

If you have an old Regenerative Discharger DUO, we can upgrade it to the latest Regenerative Discharger 4S. The new version is not only more beautiful but also 20 ounces lighter, smaller, quieter, and more powerful. Order the upgrade and send us your discharger and we will upgrade it to the latest version of our Regenerative Discharger 4S. We will reuse your battery for the new version. Here are the exciting features of the new version:

  • Compatibility Beyond Limits: The Regenerative Discharger 4S is the first-ever battery discharger compatible with all Junsi iCharger models, including the 456DUO, 458DUO, 4512DUO, 406DUO, 308DUO, 4010DUO, DX6, DX8, DX12, S6, X6, X8, and X12. Whether you’re a professional pilot or a hobbyist, this compatibility ensures seamless integration with your existing setup.
  • Dual Charging Power: Imagine cycling, discharging, and/or charging two batteries (2S) simultaneously up to 45A using both outputs on your iCharger DUO. The Regenerative Discharger 4S makes this dream a reality.
  • Synchronous Mode Advantage: Unlike any other discharger, ours is compatible with the Synchronous mode of your iCharger DUO, allowing you to discharge a battery (2S) up to 70A. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to unprecedented power management.
  • All-in-One Solution: No need for a second device to test and compare your batteries’ capacity and internal resistance. With Regenerative technology, you’ll achieve a lower internal resistor compared to a traditional resistor bank.
  • Internal Resistance Reduction: At various cycles, our discharger significantly reduces your battery’s internal resistance, resulting in more speed, power, and longer battery life.
  • Eco-Friendly Energy Recovery: Not only does it discharge, but it’s also environmentally conscious. It recovers energy during discharge and reuses it during charging.
  • Space-Saving All-in-One Design: Our clean and neat design features short wires and optimizes space. It holds both the charger and power supply, streamlining your setup.
  • No Resistor Banks, No Hassle: Forget about disconnecting resistor banks after discharge. Our discharger works seamlessly with the Cycle mode on your iCharger S6/X6/X8/X12. No fuss, no resistors, and no excessive heat.

Upgrade your old DUO to the Regenerative Discharger 4S and experience the revolution in battery management!


Quelle / Link: https://www.rcupgrade.com / https://www.rcdischarger.com