GTR‘ 1/8 Karosserie für ARRMA Vendetta

Es gibt von Bittydesign eine neue Karosserie, die speziell für das ARRMA® Vendetta™ Chassis, also auch kombatible mit dem Infraction 4WD MEGA™ ist. Ihr müsste diese noch lackieren, den Spoiler anbringen und Bekleben.

Ihr könnt die Karosserie auch für euren anderen Modelle nehmen, wenn die Maße passen.

The body has been designed on the ARRMA® Vendetta™ chassis; also compatible for Infraction 4WD MEGA™.

[# BDAR8-GTR] 1/8 GTR body shell / Product’s


>> Made with high quality and genuine polycarbonate Lexan®, 1mm thick

>> Included in the kit a complete set of screw/nuts/washers to fix properly the wing

>> Specs: length 560mm, width 260mm, height 151mm

>> Wheelbase: 336mm (with ARRMA dBoots® Hoons Elevens wheels diameter 61x35mm, # ARA550093)

>> Sold clear with protective film outside

>> Included in the package a decal sheet pre-cut, windows mask and the Lexan wing ⠀

Born from the desire to create an extraordinary product developed specifically for ARRMA, GTR is a stunning looking GT body designed to enhance the aesthetics of your 1/8 model, it can be used whether the user want to test the maximum speed on the straight or drifting with a rc mate in the parking lot behind the house.


Quelle: BittydesignRuddog