Innovativ: Rebellion NT10 1:10 Nitro Touring Car

Beim ENS RD1 beim MC Ettlingen gab es ein neues Nitro 1/10 Fahrzeug zu sehen. Dieses feierte sein Debüt und wurde von Daniel Rosenmayer entwickelt. Mehr könnt ihr hier sehen und lesen über die Hintergründe.


Known as the owner of RC-Carbonstore and Rebellion-RC Daniel Rosenmayer found his passion in RC racing again after a 3-year break. Working for industrial customers with his new company he didn‘t have the time for it anymore. After several life-changing events happened end of 2023 he found back into his passion of developing never seen solutions for RC racing

Rebellion NT10

The story started on 15th February this year while in the car for 1500km, thinking about how it would be possible to make a 2-belt nitro car, ended with studying many engine-pics if this could be made. At MiBoSport Cup this year Daniel finally found his passion again and decided to do it, in a record breaking time less then 3 month

Capricorn C04

It all started with a used CC C04 which was the base for all the dimensions in Nitro, the final car uses CC Clutch/2-Speed, 2 Rear Alu option diffs, 4 rear CVDs and the Bumper.

Awesomatix A800R

After the 2-belt system was proofen it works on a Capricorn based suspension system it was now time to put in a Awesomatix A800R Suspension, so the shockabsorbers, springs, turnbuckles, pivots and some plastic part. The reason for a A800R suspension was quite easy, he wanted it, there is no lower cog possible right now

1:12 Servo

As the car is designed quite different to every other 1/10 nitro car there wasn‘t enough space for a normal LP servo, but why not using a 1:12 steering servo for throttle/break? 8,5kg of the PowerHD M8 is quite enough

Brass chassis:

When the prototype was ready there were 100g missing to reach the min weight, and at the end it was the easies way to make a 2mm brass chassis which is 90g heavier then the 3mm Alu. As many people told Daniel this couldn‘t work he showed them to be wrong


The Diff-pulleys, the receiver box, battery tray, and especially the tank are 3D printed out of PA12

With a P18, being on 8th position in the B-Main on sunday this is already more then expected on my first ever ENS with a 2-week old prototype


Quelle: RC-Carbonstore