Power HD setzt auf Johnson

Power HD hat sich den amerikanische mehrfachen nationalen Meister TC ins Team geholt. David Johnson wird in seinen Fahrzeugen das Power HD S15 bzw. M8H einsetzen. Viel Erfolg.

Englische Version

Servo manufacturer Power HD has announced the signing of American multi-times national champion TC ace Dave Johnson to their factory team!
The roar national champion, 4 time snowbirds nationals champion, 6 time US indoor champs champion, 8+ time Canadian onroad nationals champion and countless local race winner will be using Power HD high end servo S15 in his touring cars and pan car servo M8H in 12th scale.

Dave had this to say:
These servos are simply amazing, the precision they display is unmatched. Crazy speed and holding power for the toughest tracks. I’m excited to represent this incredible company. Thanks goes out to lex Tyler and Tina Lee for this awesome partnership.


Source: PowerHD [chd.hk]