Weffers wechselt ins Xray Team Germany

Es gibt eine interessante Neuigkeit bei den Fahrern. Hier gab Xray Germany bekannt, dass Max Weffers ins Team wechselt und die X4F Plattform fahren wird. Dies ist besonders interessant, dass morgen der neue FWD X4F*25! vorgestellt werden wird.

Viel Erfolg wünschen wir ihm.

Die Meldung:

XRAY is happy to announce that Max Weffers is joining the XRAY Team to race the X4F platform.

Max says: „I am incredibly happy to be joining XRAY and look forward to an exciting future with this amazing team. XRAY is one of the most historic brands in the RC scene, and now I will be a part of it. I am confident that, together, we will achieve excellent results and create outstanding outcomes. The opportunity to work alongside such skilled and dedicated racers fills me with enthusiasm, and I’m excited to show everyone what we can build together. Thanks to everyone at XRAY for this chance. Let’s now start this amazing journey!“


Quelle: teamxray und Xray Team Germany