Schumacher Mi9 – Neue Motorhaltergewichte

Für den aktuellen Elektro 1/10 Tpurenwagen von Schumacher Racing, den Mi9 gibt es zwei verschiedene Varianten von Motorgewichten für den Motorhalter. Eine interessante Option zur Optimierung eures Fahrzeuges.

Englische Version

The new Mi9 has been achieving some incredible results since its launch!

We are pleased to bring you these new optional motor mount weights to further improve performance.

The Mi9 has been refined in many key areas, optimising it’s centre of gravity, unsprung mass and reducing it’s polar moment of inertia with tactical weight reductions.

With this in mind, these new motor mount weights allow for the perfect placement of additional weight in order to meet weight regulations in the best possible way.

Two versions available:

U8815 – 22g Motor Mount Weight with Stock racing in mind with maximum pinion size clearance. (all pinions fit as per Mi9 gear chart)

U8816 – 26g Motor Mount Weight which allows power roller to be fitted. (max pinion size 50T 64dp, 37T 48dp)

U8815 – Motor Mount Weight 22g – Mi9
U8816 – Motor Mount Weight 26g – Mi9


Quelle: Schumacher Racing und  CS-SHOP