Dominic Greiner ist neuer IFMAR Weltmeister 1/10 GP onroad

Dominic Greiner ist neuer IFMAR Weltmeister 1/10 GP onroad und dies wurde ausgiebig gefeiert. Nun gibt es ein paar neue Bilder und Informationen von Serpent. In den nächsten Tagen dürfen wir uns über weitere Reporte, Interviews und das Setup des Weltmeisters freuen. Weitere Infos folgen…..


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Dominic  Greiner is the new IFMAR World Champion 1/10 GP onroad

Its was a Serpent 1 and 2 on the podium at the 2016 IFMAR World Championships in Italy.   Greiner won the final  in great style and Alessio Mazzeo completed the Serpent party by coming 2nd and Vice-Champion 2016-2017

Qualifying went really well with 4 Serpent cars in the top 15 !

In the Super-Pole it was Mazzeo showing the best pace to take the 2nd place for the main final.

Serpent had 5 more cars in the semi-final  with Greiner, Green, T-Sahashi , Gruber and Yuya Sahashi  showing that Natrix 748 is working really well.

Ofcourse we like to thank  the Gubbio Club/staff for such great event, one of the best ever !  Also thanks to IFMAR and the suppliers of Tyres and Fuels.   A very big thanks to all Serpent drivers, mechanics, supporters  and fans.

Special thanks to Team Greiner for bringing home the 10th WC title for Serpent and Team Mazzeo for his well deserved Vice Championship title.

The new version of the Natrix 748-WC edition is being prepared right now for release early September including the new shocks, new diffs, new pullies and some of the few optional parts Greiner used on his basically standard Natrix 748 !

Reports, interviews  and set-ups to follow soon.

Serpent, World Champions

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