Team Magic E4RS 2017 – Erste Infos

HRC arbeitet derzeit am neuen Tourenwagen TM E4RS für 2017.

Das erste Bild …es bleibt spannend…


Es wird seit Monaten getüftelt und entwickelt. Ob am Chassis, den Flexeigenschaften, den Differenzialen, Đämpfern, Dichtungen usw. …… Entwicklung dauert und man möchte das bestmöglichste Ergebnis präsentieren.

Laut dem Teammanager von Team magic Europe werden folgende Arbeitsansätze verfolgt:

  • Weniger Längsflex
  • Mehr Torsionsflex, um den Gesamtgriff zu erhöhen
  • Weniger Beeinflussungen der Flex-Eigenschaften durch andere Elemente auf dem Chassis
  • Mehr Flexkontrolle, um den Flex anpassen zu können
  • Reduzierung des Gewichts, wie an der Aufhängung, Differenzial und weiteren Punkten
  • Bessere Kontrolle der Federung, mit erhöhtem Dämpfervolumen und neuen Dichtungen.
Englische Version

„Many users, drivers and retailers are asking us about the next Team Magic 1/10 Touring Car, and if we are really planning to release a 2017 version.

Of course, RC racing requires to always develop cars, material and setups, to maintains the brand on the highest level of competition possible. For that, we are constantly working on our products, like any other brand, to find any new possibility to increase our competitiveness.

We are working since months to develop our touring car basis, by learning as much as possible from our top drivers and competitors. We listen, we open eyes, we study all that we can.

Some of our ideas have been implemented on other car brands (like 3D flex system, symmetrical flex chassis etc), and of course we are also inspired by solutions used by other brands; this is really not a secret.

For some people, everybody is just copying everybody; and for others this is normal inspiration and adaptation to new standards, solutions and levels.

We learned a lot with our E4RS III Plus, and defined the points we could work on to make them even better for 2017.

The ways we worked on are the following ones:

  • Less longitudinal flex, to reduce efforts on belts on high power inputs.
  • More torsional flex, to increase overall grip, and more precisely to enlarge flex range.
  • Less flex interferences due to other elements on the chassis.
  • More flex control, to be able to adapt flex very finely.
  • Weight reduction, on many points, like arms and differential, and some other points.
  • Better control of suspension, with increased shock volume and new seals.

This is only a few points we are working on.

Our drawings, made in Europe, are now at Taiwan for final validation. We hope to be able to release the next evolution of our Touring Car basis in the next months.

So, stay tuned, you will be pleasantly surprised !

Lionel Troyon – Team Manager“

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