NEUE SPower Engine S6

Der Motor wird von PICCO in Italien hergestellt. Es ist ein Top-Racing-Motor mit einem sehr guten Preis und Motor ist bereits vorrätig.


Der SPOWER S6 Pro Tuned .21 kommt mit einem Auspuff-System, um die optimale Leistung des Motors auszunutzen.


Englische Version

The engine is manufactured by PICCO in italy. It is a Top Racing engine with a very good price. The engine is already in stock.

The SPOWER S6 Pro Tuned .21 comes with a multi exhaust system to ensure top of the line performance throughout the engine’s upper RPM band.

With a 5 port design the engine performs exceptionally well at the bottom end – a characteristic crucial to handle today’s track designs with short sharp blasts followed by jumps.This balance of power and drivability give you what’s needed for fast and consistent lap times.

Combine all this with it’s super stable tuning, excellent fuel mileage and SPOWER’s legendary quality this makes it the total package in a Pro level buggy or truggy engine.

The SPOWER S6 Pro Tuned .21 has a new 14mm balanced and silicone filled crankshaft to improve overall performance, a larger more efficient cooling head, new crankcase design allows more clearance for different flywheels, super strong “knife edged” aerodynamic connecting rod, lightened piston CNC machined from high percentage silicone alloy billet, and a  “Swiss“ made rear bearing tops off the list of all the high end features.

Displacement:    3,49cc

Bore:                  16,26mm

Stroke:               16,80mm

Output:               2,6hp @ 33,000 RPM

RPM Range:      3,000 – 40,000 RPM

Glow Plug:         Turbo

Weight:               350gr

Quelle: MW-Cars / Sworkz

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