Agama A215SV – Nitro 1/8 Offroader von Agama

Der neue A215 SV macht den erfolgreichen A215 noch besser. Der SV beinhaltet die ultimative Features bereits im Baukasten und macht den A215 noch besser. Neue Gewichtsverteilung, verfeinerte Fahrwerksänderung und Optimierung der Lenkung sind einige neue Features, die im neuen SV enthalten sind. Detaillierte Bilder folgen in Kürze.



39716 CNC gefertigter Aluminium 16-Grad-Nachlaufblock:
Aluminium 16-Grad-Nachlaufblock, den es optional auch als 13 und 19 Grad geben wird.

39063 4 mm Aluminium-Ackerman Platte:
Eine 4 mm Aluminium-Ackermann-Platte wurde entwickelt, um das Spiel und die Stabilität zu verbessern.

37221/37220 SV Dämpferbrücken:
Neue Dämpferbrücken mit neuer Geometrie.

Mehr in der englischen Version.

Englische Version

The A215 SV takes all the great attributes of the A215 platform, and builds upon them to bring a new level of performance with C-Hub design front steering geometry to make the car even easier to drive whilst providing more steering lock.
Incorporating new weight distribution, suspension geometry and steering amongst many other features all painstakingly refined throughout the course of the development period, the A215 SV is the ultimate version of the 215 platform.

Detailed Images to follow shortly.

37201/37202/37203/37204 Updated Hinge Pin Braces:

These hinge pin braces utilise a square insert design increasing the range of geometry changes that can be made to the vehicle, further increasing the performance.
39716 CNC Aluminium 16 degree caster block :
Aluminium 16 degree caster block, now in the C-Hub style and included in the box, using a solid pin mount with two grub screws offering a solid and reliable point to the vehicle.

This will also be offered in a 13 and 19 degree option part.
39063 4mm aluminum ackerman plate:
A 4mm Aluminium ackerman plate has been introduced to remove any flex in the steering system and a new profile has been used to allow full clearance of the steering links.
38224 Steering bushing:
Used with the updated caster block and steering hub for a cleaner and more reliable operation.
38222 Short steering turnbuckle:
With the extended steering hub arm, a shorter turnbuckle has been used to allow for full toe adjustments to be made.48219/28219 Drive Cups:

The lightened drive cups have now been introduced as standard running gear on the A215 A215E A215T and A215SV vehicles.
37221/37220 SV shock towers:
New shock towers are used with updated geometry to match the new steering system and front arms. Whilst maintaining a perfect front to rear balance of the vehicle.
32239F Front arm outer hinge pin:
This new captured pin is used with the aluminium caster blocks to secure them to the suspension arm.
31011 Front steering hub:
The new steering hub has been made with a removable steering plate allowing for further adjustments to be made to the steering system as well as a secure and reliable design.
b>28220L Front camber turnbuckles:
These turnbuckles have been lengthened to allow for the short and long link setting to be used on the same turnbuckle.
28025/28023 SV Front Roll Bar:
The sway bar has been reshaped to allow for proper operation and clearance from the driveshafts and drive cups.
2212 Steering pivot ball:
A new pivot ball has been made using a one piece threaded design, to make for the most secure link mount.
UVP: £575.00