Kája Novotný joins Maxima Fuel

Der CZ-Top Fahrer Kája Novotný wird für die kommende Saison offiziell das Offroad-Team verstärken, gab Maxima Mx Europa bekannt.

Kaja wird an regionalen, nationalen und internationalen Rennen (NEO 17) an den Start gehen und Maximal Fuel einsetzen.

Englische Version

TOP Czech driver Kája Novotný Maxima Team for the upcoming season.

“Maxima Mx Europa is very pleased to announce the Czech Top Driver Kája Novotný will join our official Off Road Team for the upcoming season.

He has the following to say:

„I am very happy to say that I am staying with Maxima fuel for 2017! Maxima believed in me when I started racing with nitro and that is something I will never forget! Last season went very well and I can ´t wait for 2017!“

Kája will attend all Czech Open series, Czech Nationals and look foward to attend some international races as NEO 17.

We wish you the best for the next season, enjoy and have fun!

Quelle: Maxima Mx Europa (europa@maxima-fuel.com) | @FB (facebook.com/MaximaEuropa) | RadioControl (www.radiocontrol.pt)”

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