Martin Bayer weiter bei Xray

Martin Bayer hat bei Xray eine wichtige Schlüsselposition bei der R&D für die Entwicklung der Offroad-Fahrzeuge. Martin wird diese Entwicklung weiterführen und auch weiterhin auf Rennen dabei sein.

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Martin Bayer re-signs with XRAY

XRAY is happy to announce that European Champion Martin Bayer will continue to race with XRAY in 2017. Martin has been important member of the R&D team working as head manager for R&D of all XRAY off-road platforms.

Martin’s achievements:

1 European Champion 1/10 electric off-road
2 European Championship 1/8 off-road podium finisher
3 Multiple Czech Champion 1/8 off-road nitro, electro
4 Czech Champion 1/10 electro
5 Multiple European Championship finalists
6 EOS WInner
7 EOS finalist
8 EOS podium finisher
9 Mibosport cup winner
10 Dirt USA finalists
11 Dirt Italy Truggy winner
12 Multiple Astra Nitro Cross winner

Martin says:

„I am very happy that I can continue to work and race with Team XRAY. XRAY is working very hard on every class and picks up all new classes to have a full portfolio. I am happy that I can race for them on all major races and work on all off-road projects in order to bring best products to the market. I am sure that in the future XRAY factory will grow and will be even bigger and stronger on market.“

Martin will race in 2017 all the regional, national and international races with XB4, XB2, XT2, XB8 and XB8E:

1 World Championship 1/10
2 European Championship 1/10
3 European Championship 1/8
4 European Championship 1/8 electric
5 Mibosport
6 XRAY Racing Series
8 Montpelier GP
9 NEO 17

Quelle: Teamxray

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