Jannick Namyslo gewinnt bei der LHC beim MCRT-Aschaffenburg

Von dem letzten Rennen beim MCRT-Aschaffenburg gibt es einen Bericht von Jannick Namyslo. Lest selbst, aber bitte übersetzen. Jannick schreibt in Englisch.

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XRAY victory at LRP-HPI-Challenge


Saturday was packed with free practice where some drivers already tried to fine tune their setup.

I found a good setup early on Saturday with which I had a good feeling as well as a fast car.



The day started at 9am with Q1. The order of classes were: Rookie, Classic, 17,5t and Stock. My first run was at 10am.

I decided to drive a safe run in Q1 as I knew the track would become faster throughout the day which fit my car better. Even with one mistake I was able to TQ by 0,09sec.

In Q2 I made my car a bit more aggressive and it turned out well. Fastest laptime as well as another TQ run by 5,9sec this time.

In Q3 I was able to TQ as well.


After having a good start in A1 I felt the car was awesome. I was able to pull away from the field and build a gap of one round. In the end I made a clean start-finish win.

A2 was even better. After having changed my tire strategy the tires felt more constant over the whole 7 min run. I secured a new lap record in stock and was able to win A2 as well which meant the victory in stock class.


Final standings Stock class:

1.Jannick Namyslo – XRAY T4

2. Marcus Ruth – XRAY T4

3. Thorsten Zorn

4. Jens Haller – XRAY T4

5. Dirk Gündra

6. Scott Davis

7. Torben Möbus – XRAY T4

I would like to thank all drivers and the team of MCRT-Aschaffenburg who made this event possible.

I´m looking forward to the X-Race in february!

Race report by Jannick Namyslo.

Quelle: Teamxray

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