EFRA European Champion +40 1/8th und 1/10th entschieden

Leider nicht geschafft 😃 zu übersetzen. Hier die englische Version von der EFRA European Champion +40 1/8th and 1/10th. Grafiken, Bilder und Materiallisten sagen dabei manchmal mehr. 

After Friday off due rain conditions. Saturday started with the race program condensed in only 1 day. This situation was very difficult to manage for the Skarpnäck crew in the morning, especially with handout tires and this new rule. But they did a fantastic job, always motivated and doing their best.

After Controlled Timed Practice, we had a complete reseeding which avoided 2 groups in Qualification, 1 in 1/8th and another in 1/10th. Due decided timetable, only we raced 3 rounds of Qualification and 2 to count. Andreas Husman got TQ in 1/10 after second round and same for Swedish driver Mikael Fransson.

With TQ’s directly on the main, it was time for Superpole, with 4 drivers in both sections fighting for 2nd place in the main. In 1/10th expert driver Mickael Brandt got the honour to get number 2 in the main and in 1/8th  Norwegian Lars Haugen put his experience on the table to becaome Super Pole winner.

After semi-finals, everything was ready for the main, and all people on the track ancious to see who would be the next Euro 40+ champion.

We started with 1/8th. In the beginning, Mikael Fransson set the pace, and he was really fast, getting a safe gap with 2nd position Lars Haugen. Everything seems decided when Fransson got engine problems, a flame out in the corner after the main saying goodbye to the Euro title. Lars Haugen, with safe driving put his car in the checked flag, crowing new EFRA European Champion +40 1/8th

Time for 1/10th. Same start as in 1/8th. Andrea Husman got the pace and start opening a good gap with 2nd position Mickael Brandt. But this time, with safe driving on a  good lap time, Andrea Husman took the Euro title.

That’s all from Sweden. Thanks to all drivers for coming to this fantastic event, HUGE THANKS for all member of the staff who works so hard to do all race program in only one day and safe trip for everybody.

See you on the track!!!

EC40+.18tr.result EC40+.110tr.result

Complete results in following link:


Stay tuned!!

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