Protoform Type-S für 190mm TC

Von Protoform gibt es die neue Type-S Karosserie in zwei Varianten und unlackiert. Mit der Type-S soll noch mehr Griff erreicht werden. Die Type-S soll die ultimative aerodynamische Lösung sein. Mit präziser Lenkcharakteristik und mehr Griff auf dem Heck.

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Type-S for 190mm TC

For modified classes or any other track condition/class where more grip is needed, the Type-S is the ultimate aerodynamic solution. With ultra-precise steering characteristics and superior rear grip, the balance provided is unmatched by any other body on the 190mm electric touring car market.

The critical tuning aid of body positioning is once again made easier with our Mounting Marks inside the front wheel arches. Positions for 0, +2mm, +4mm and +6mm are scribed in for your convenience.

The Type-S is Global Body Spec compliant and fully EFRA (#4056) & ROAR approved. Made in the USA from our new high-quality, super-durable polycarbonate, it is available in both lightweight and PRO-lite weight. Included are a PROTOform decal sheet, window masks, overspray film and metric wing mounting hardware.

Part # 1560-22 PRO-Lite Weight Clear Body
MSRP $33.95
Part # 1560-25 Light Weight Clear Body
MSRP $33.95

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