Bruno Coelho setzt auf Hudy

Der mehrfache Sieger und Finalist  bei ETS, EOS, nationalen und internationalen (u. a. Europa- und Weltmeisterschaften) setzt auf Produkte von Hudy. Gutes Werkzeug und Zubehör für sind genauso wichtig für den Erfolg und perfekte Vorbereitung der Fahrzeuge. 

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Bruno Coelho chooses HUDY

A guy who had stepped in the RC racing world and was able to grab a title of touring Vice World Champion in his international RC car premiere. The guy who became an RC car off-road World Champion only in his second international off-road attempt. The European Champion, ETS, EOS, ENS Champion, winner of many international events and one of the best RC drivers in the World at the moment, Bruno Coelho, has been counting on HUDY since his RC beginnings.

„I know what I want from an RC car and how an RC car should behave. I consider myself as a better driver than a mechanic, so thankfully I have great team support and mechanics who can achieve maximum from an RC car and at the same time satisfy my criteria for it. The importance of good communication among the team while preparing a set-up is crucial, but even more important is to have a perfect set-upped and maintained RC car. That is a must if you want to reach the highest goals. And to reach them, of course, you need to have a great car, a perfect team and also the best possible tools & equipment, which only HUDY provides.“

Bruno Coelho is HUDY

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