SCHELLE RACING – B6.1 Alu-Radträger

Für die neue Team Associated B6.1 Serie bietet Schelle einen Aluminum-Radträger für hinten an.

Nähere Details hier in der englischen Version:

Englische Version

B6.1 Aluminum Hub Set Features:
1. Fits 67mm CVA Axles used in B6.1 kit
2. Uses B6.1 axle height adjustment inserts for 3mm of adjustment range (trim off tiny aligment bump).
3. 2-piece design with replaceable upper increases adjustment and durability.
4. Shim adjustable upper link length for small „in-between“ hole locations.
5. Slop-Free.  Plastic bearing inserts and hingepin set screws included.
6. Reduced leverage to break ballstuds.  Uses 6mm length Heavy-Duty Ballsud (ASC91047)*.
7. Fits B6.1 and B6.1D.   Also re-tro fits to B6 series using 67mm axles and SCH1400 inner offset insert.  Axle height inserts required (sold in ASC91697, or use from kit).



SKU Description UPC-A Price Available
SCH1401 B6.1 Aluminum Hub Set, Black 730699133054 $50.00 now
SCH1402 B6.1 Aluminum Hub Set, Blue 730699133061 $50.00 now
SCH1403 B6.1 Aluminum Hub Set w/ Carpet -2mm Caps, Black 730699133078 $56.00 now
SCH1400 67mm Conversion Offset Bearing Insert (pair) 730699132972 $8.00 now

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