Loic Jasmin wechselt zu AWESOMATIX

AWESOMATIX hat die Unterzeichnung des französischen Fahrers Loic zu ihrem Factory Team verkündigt. Die ehemalige IFMAR Weltmeisterschaft Top10 Fahrer und 7-facher französischer nationaler Meister wird das Team erweitern von AWESOMATIX.
Er wird an allen wichtigen Rennen teilnehmen, einschließlich aller ETS Rennen, der EFRA Europameisterschaft in Österreich und IFMAR Weltmeisterschaft in Südafrika.

Englische Version

Loic Jasmin joins AWESOMATIX

AWESOMATIX have announced the signing of French Modified driver Loic
Jasmin to their Factory Team. The former IFMAR World Championship Top10
driver and 7-times French national champion will be a great addition to
the always growing AWESOMATIX Brand and Team.
He will attend at all major races including all ETS rounds, EFRA
European Championship in Austria and IFMAR World Championship in south

Loic has following to say about his change:
“ I’d like to thank Max and Oleg for the great opportunity to join the
Awesomatix Factory Team! I felt it was the time for a change and
Awesomatix was the only team i wanted to join. The previous and last
results proved their car is one of the best on the market and their
professionalism and continued R&D show this is a team to watch in the
near future! I’m really looking forward to start working with my new
teammates and achieve many good results for the team, my first race
being the French Nats round 1 by the end of March. I’d like to thanks
also Team Yokomo for the wonderful last 7 years together and I wish them
all the best for the upcoming season “

Quelle: stefan_klein_kleinkram_logo ,  www.awesomatix.com/shop, Max Mächler

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