Jakub Klapacz erreicht das Podium bei den Polish Nationals Rd 1

Das letzte Wochenende fand das erste Rennen zur polnischen Meisterschaft TW in Nowy Sacz statt. Team Magic Fahrer Jakub Klapacz nahm an dieser Veranstaltung teil und belegte nach einer guten Qualifikation den dritten Platz auf dem Podium.

A – 1. Krystian Kopacki
A – 2. Pawel Staszewski
A – 3. Jakub Klapacz – Team Magic E4RS4
A – 4. Lukasz Mach
A – 5. Bartosz Zalewski

Englische Version

Last week-end was the round 1 of the Polish Nationals, at Nowy Sacz. Team Magic Jakub Klapacz participated this event and finished on third position on the podium, after good qualification on second place on the grid.

Nice job Jakub !

Original report from Jakub:

Last weekend was the first round of the Polish championships in Nowy Sacz. It was my first asphalt race this season. I started in the most competitive electric class stock 13.5t the same rules as the ETS series.

Weekend brought good weather and great conditions on the track, from the beginning the speed was with me, but not enough to get TQ in qualifying. On the last qualification I used new tires and the difference was huge, I claim TQ run and beat the track record which was not beaten by others until the end. Nevertheless, previous qualifications were not so good and the next day I started from the 2nd position in the finals.

The finals, unfortunately, did not go my way, in the first I made a mistake at the very beginning and I finished the 3rd, second finale finished 2nd and the third final also finished 3rd which finally gave me 3rd place on the podium.
I am very happy with the result, still a few things to improve, but my Team Magic E4RS4 works great, I look forward to the next races.

Overall Results:
A – 1. Krystian Kopacki
A – 2. Pawel Staszewski
A – 3. Jakub Klapacz – Team Magic E4RS4
A – 4. Lukasz Mach
A – 5. Bartosz Zalewski
A – 6. Arkadiusz Smyk
A – 7. Karol Sputo
A – 8. Jeremi Sputo
A – 9. Tomasz Fryc
A – 10. Damian Rogodzinski
B – 11. Adrian Lippich
B – 12. Maciej Kosnagowski
B – 13. Adrian Długokęcki
B – 14. Zbigniew Chełmiński
B – 15. Piotr Mucharski
B – 16. Mieszko Czachor
B – 17. Tomáš Hrkel
B – 18. Marek Cisek

Quelle: HRCDistribution

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