Yokomo – YD-2 / YD-4 – kurzer unterer A-Arm

Yokomo präsentiert einen neuen optionalen vorderen unteren kurzen A-Arm. 

Dieser ist passend für die AWD und RWD (  YD-4 & YD-2-Serie) und wird Ende dieses Monats, am 31. Mai ausgeliefert.

Dieses ist aus schwarz eloxiertem Aluminum mit silberner Kante für mehr Steifigkeit, mehr Präzision und mehr Gewicht, um das Griffgefühl im vorderen Bereich des Autos zu verbessern.

Die Montageposition des Stoßdämpfers kann mit einem Distanzstück eingestellt werden, so dass es mehr Befestigungsmöglichkeiten gibt.

Englische Version

Yokomo will release a new optional parts [Front lower short A arm] for more freedom on counter steering for existing customer who enjoy AWD and RWD drifting with YD-4 & YD-2 series in the end of this month, May 31st.

Short Suspension Arm will be a kind of highlight at all the option parts among YD-2 and YD-4 series.

This particular option parts will prevent from the interference in between the arm and wheels while at

maximum counter steering so that the customer could enjoy the freedom of max angle on counter steering.

Besides it is an aluminum made to improve the important three element on drifting performance, more rigidity, more high precision, and more heavy weight to increase grip feeling at front section of the car.

It deliver more smooth and linear feelings on drift.

The mounting position of the shock can also be adjusted by using a spacer, so the variety of set up will be increased to align with the variety of track surface condition.

Also, the bevel edge processing will be applied to the aluminum part of lower arm, it will be really nice and luxury feel to have it as well.

Product Name  : Front lower short A arm

Product Code :  Y-2-008FSC

Manufacturer Recommended Price  : 58 EUR

Product Name  : Rod end adapter (27mm) for lower short A arm, Optional

Product Code :  D-154-27

Customer List Price  : 620JPY

Manufacturer Recommended Price  : 6 EUR

Product Name  : Rod end adapter (30mm) for lower short A arm, Standard

Product Code :  D-154-30

Manufacturer Recommended Price  : 6 EUR

Quelle: Team Yokomo / Team Yokomo Drift

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