Yokomo präsentiert den RPX-II Drift Spec

Der stärkste Fahrregler in der Geschichte des RC-Driftens ist geboren, so Yokomo!

Der bürstenlose „RPX II“ -Regler wurde speziell für hohe Leistungsanforderungen entwickelt. Dieser bietet eine kontinuierliche Leistung von 160A!

Der „RPX- DRIFT SPEC“ wird nächste Woche verfügbar sein.



BEC:6A / 6V,7.4V

Artikelbezeichnung : RPX-II Drift Spec

Artikelnummer : BL-RPX2D

UVP: ca. 220,- €

Einstellbar ist der Regler mit einer Programmierbox.

Artikelbezeichnung : Programmer for RPX-II

Artikelnummer : BL-RPXP2

 Ein Wi-Fi Module gibt es noch als Zubehör.

Artikelbezeichnung : Wi-Fi Module

Artikelnummer : BL-WM

Englische Version

The strongest ESC in the history of RC drifting has been born! The „RPX II“ brushless ESC, specifically designed for high power competition requirements. It boasts up to a continuous 160A output!

pre-installed the with latest drift specific software our new esc dubbed „RPX-II DRIFT SPEC“ will be available next week.

Formal order is taken now.

■ By using only premium grade matched FET’s with super low internal resistance that helps suppress

heat generation, we acquired the strongest power handling so far.

Giving the greatest feel and stability in the history of drift specific ESC’s

■ Team Yokomo found the best set up based on test results from various types of track layouts and surfaces.

Once installed on your chassis you can use this as a base setting.

■ Carefully selected ESC output modulation on initial throttle inputs to enhance traction, providing an unique control advantage on low grip surfaces.

6A BEC circuitry drives the most power demanding servos with ease without losing power to your receiver and in the case of RWD, your gyro, essential for smooth radio response.

Changing various settings can be done easily with a smartphone using the Wi-Fi module BL-WM .

Or alternatively The program box for the ESC RPX-II series.

Simply connect to the ESC via the wired connection, you can easily change detailed adjustments such as throttle & brake drive frequency at the touch of a button. It includes a memory function that can store up to 3 different setups. It is an essential item for maximizing the performance of the RPX-II series.

Quelle: Team Yokomo / Team Yokomo Drift / ToniSport-Logo-Black_web

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