R11F – Der FWD von ARC

ARC legte heute nach. Im Vorfeld gab es schon einige Gerüchte zum kommenden FWD von ARC und nun wurde daraus Realität. 

Passend und kurz vor dem Start der verschiedenen Rennserien mit FWD, wie dem ETS, dem TOS-Masters, BWS, RCK-Challenge und Mibosport-Cup gerade rechtzeitig für die Fronti Fans. Seht selbst.

Englische Version

Introducing the new ARC front wheel drive (FWD) touring car, the R11F.

The R11F FWD touring car is based on the successful R11 2019 platform and features front motor position for optimal FWD handling characteristics.

Sharing 95% of the spare and option parts from R11 2019, the R11F is perfect for both new and existing ARC owners.

Chassis and Upper Deck

The R11F main chassis uses high-quality 2.25mm carbon fiber material.

The upper deck have 3 options – the original 2.0mm carbon fiber, the optional 1.6mm carbon fiber and optional aluminum upper deck.

All upper decks are the same as R11 2019. Therefore, it is interchangeable in between R11 2019 and R11F.

Belt Transmission

The R11F uses a single belt transmission coupled with an oil-filled gear differential.

The single belt transmission offers super easy maintenance and ultra high efficiency.

Battery Alignment

There are 5 different battery alignment options on the R11F.

The different battery alignments can produce significant handling differences for different track sizes and conditions.

Both 2S standard stick style and shorty style Li-Po can be installed on the R11F.

A.2S Standard stick Lipo Battery Side Alignment

B.2S Standard stick Lipo Battery Cross-Chassis Alignment

C.2S Shorty Lipo Battery Cross-Chassis Alignment

D.2S Shorty Lipo Side Alignment

E.2S Shorty Lipo Center Alignment

Artikelnummer: R100022

UVP: 369,00 €

Quelle: ARC und  LMI-Racing

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