IIC 2019 – Racerz Ridez – Bruce „Moose“ Riedinger

Seit 18  eine Jahren ist Bruce Reidinger im RC-Rennsport in Amerika aktiv. Die IIC ist nichts Neues für ihn. Seine Karriere startete mit dem HPI Micro RS4. 

Ich zeige euch hier seinen Tamiya Race Truck, den er schön designed hat. Licht an.

Bruce Riedinger – Quelle: International Indoor Championships – IIC

Englische Version

IIC 2019 – Racerz Ridez – Bruce „Moose“ Riedinger

Bruce “Moose” Riedinger
Country: ‘Merica
Age: 62
Years Racing: 18
Classes this weekend: 3
Cars racing this weekend: Euro Truck, Amat TC 7.0, Stook TC 7.0
Motor: Handout
Radio: Futaba
Servo: KO
Tire: Handout
Body: Protoform Speed 6, Fat Fox
Sponsors: Privateer

Career Highlights: Headlights

If a person can be a fixture in the onroad RC racing world, that person would be Bruce Reidinger. Most of you know him as Moose on race day and in the 18 years of experience, Moose has been to many races around America. The IIC isn’t new to Moose. This years event makes 11 year in attendance and Moose is having just as much fun racing with the IIC and his friends as his first Indoor International Championships. It all started with racing his HPI Micro RS4 at the office and the rest was history.

Quelle: International Indoor Championships – IIC

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