Muchmore Racing stellt den Fleta ZX V2 ER Spec-Motoren vor

Neu vorgestellt wurde von Muchmore Racing der neue bürstenlosen Fleta ZX V2 ER Spec-Motor. Dieser wird mit dem Titanrotor MR-FZR27TIX 12,3 x 5 x 24,2 mm geliefert.

  • MR-V2ZX215ERX – FLETA ZX V2 21.5T ER Spec Brushless Motor w/21X
  • MR-V2ZX175ERX – FLETA ZX V2 17.5T ER Spec Brushless Motor w/21X

Englische Version

This motor is included MR-FZR27TIX FLETA ZX V2 Titanium Rotor 12.3x5x24.2mm [X]

Motor torque is increased, suitable for 1/10 scale buggy class(Blinky).

In addition, the High Power New Stator Design approach doesn’t use separate insulator. Therefore, less weight and maximum cooling efficiency achieved. All FLETA ZX V2 motor incorporates “Maximum low resistance copper wire” that allows low internal resistance which results in maximum output power increase. High Temperature rated wire is used for winding the motors to minimized the risk of burning up the motor. The motor uses Heavy-duty silver-plate solder tabs which reduce resistance. Also, it uses the double eyelet to prevent fatiguing over time. The stator design achieves very low internal resistance in exchange for surprisingly high output power. Improved ease of maintenance and loss of weight is additional features achieved by NEW V2 design.
All new FLETA ZX V2 motor promises maximum power output and RPM achieved by Pure copper magnetic wire 
and Low resistance collector rings. 
‚Hinweis: Bilder auch mit 13,5 Turn Motor beispielhaft

Quelle: Ji-Hung Jang und Muchmoreracing

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