Hong Nor X3GTS Nitro „30th anniversary limited Edition“ edition

Wer sich für Onroad 1/8 GT interessiert, sollte den neuen Hong Nor auf dem Zettel haben. Seht selbst. 

Durch die Getriebehalter, lassen sich Differentiale einfach aus- und einbauen.

Englische Version

We are pleased to announce that this year is the 30th anniversary of our Hong Nor brand. To celebrate this, we will release a new X3GTS Nitro version 30th anniversary limited edition.
This new car will have a newly designed Front/Rear aluminum gearbox
This option parts will make it easier for the driver to change the differential.

The following four option parts will be added to this kit –
1. X3S-36 CNC Center Diff Brace (AL)
2. X3GT-16 3.5mm C / F Diff Set
3. X3GT-27 Handle set
4. # 436 Flywheel & Clutch Shoe Set

Quelle: Hong Nor

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