Procircuit V2-Serie

Modelix Racing präsentiert die Procircuit V2-Serie der Reifen H-Block, Hot Dices, Addictive und Claymore für Offroad 1/8.
Nach vielen Tests an den Compounds, um sie besser an die meisten Streckenbedingungen anzupassen, konnte der Griff und die Haltbarkeit der Procircuit-Reifen verbessert werden. Die V2-Serie gibt es in 4 neuen Versionen: C1 Super Soft (weiß), C2 Soft (gelb), C3 Medium (orange) und C4 Hard (blau).

Englische Version

Modelix Racing is supper excited to present the Procircuit V2 series of its H-Block, Hot Dices, Addictive and Claymore tires.
After many tests working on the compounds to better adapt them to the majority track conditions, we are proud to say that we have improved the traction, grip and durability of our Procircuit tires. These new softer and more elastic compounds provide an incredible feeling from the first lap. We present this new V2 series in 4 new compounds, the C1 Super Soft (white), C2 Soft (yellow), C3 Medium (orange) and C4 Hard (blue).
Tire structure has been also modified and reinforced by adding an inner cross-shaped substructure that added to the longitudinal rips help the wheel, insert and tire work together to provide maximum stability when accelerating as well as on fast corners.
The V2 series features a new insert to better fit the new larger structure improving the overall performance with more consistent handling in the bumps, effortless jumping and an easy to drive feeling.
Tread patterns have also been redesigned to improve performance and adapt to the different track surfaces and the new high precision injection moulds not only provide a nice glossy surface, but a super precise and a stunning finish to all our V2 series.

Quelle: Modelixracing

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