Chassisfokus Infinity IF14 II – Akio Sobue

Akio Sobue gab das Tempo beim TITC vor. Er fährt den neuen IF14 II von Infinity. Kein Mittelmotor, dafür Änderungen an den vorderen und hinteren Dämpferbrücken, der Lenkplatte und den Querlenkern. Mal sehen, wie die Serienversion aussehen werden wird.

Fahrzeug – Infinity IF14 II
Motor – ORCA Modtreme 4.5T
Fahrregler – ORCA OE1
Akku – ORCA 6000mAh Super LCG
Reifen (handout) – Sweep
Sender/Servos – Sanwa
Karosserie – Xtreme Twister

Englische Version

Setting the pace in practice and continuing it on into qualifying here at the TITC, Akio Sobue is running the new IF14 II from Infinity. Using the final production ready car, the main difference over its predecessor is the central location of the spur gear which like in other competition cars helps give a more equalised balance between front and rear, however with the motor not having changed position the car continues to maintain a high level of rear traction. The other main change is the focus on ease of use and adjustment, with the front and rear shock towers, steering plate and lower arms all using a neat insert system that allows for repeatable fine tuning of the setup. For Akio himself, he said that he had managed to find a good balance early on in the event and has only had to make some small fine adjustments since.


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