Lauf 2 der Polish National Championships 2020

Am vergangenen Wochenende fand der zweite Lauf der polnischen Meisterschaften Onroad in der Stadt Ruda śląska statt. Das Wetter war toll mit viel Sonne und Grip auf der Strecke. Michal Milanowicz berichtet davon.

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Report by Michal Milanowicz

The past weekend we had the 2nd round of Polish National Championships in city Ruda śląska. The weather was great with a lot of sun and grip on the track

I and my team took part in this event in 3 classes. Łukasz Mach in 13,5T stock class, Michał Wójcik in F1 class and myself in F1 & 17,5T stock class.

In TC Stock 17,5T I was truggling with traffic and close contact with other drivers. In qualies had some bad luck putting me on 6th spot in finals. The Finals was going good, did have a chance for the podium but again some close contact didn’t allowed me to fight for better spot  and ended as I started on 6th place.

TC Stock 17,5T final results:

  1. Adrian Lippich – XRAY T4’20
  2. Tomasz Fryc – XRAY T4’20
  3. Michał Bugajski – XRAY T4’20

In TC Stock 13,5T Łukasz Mach showed some great performance of his XRAY T4’20 taking the TQ and win. He was the fastest one on the track and also was the only one who manage to get the best lap time under 16 sec.

TC Stock 13.5T final results: 

  1. Łukasz Mach – XRAY T4’20
  2. Piotr Bigaj – ARC
  3. Krzysztof Ruman – Yokomo

In F1 the fight was there between many drivers to get on the podium. The qualies wasn’t simple due to the traffic problem and passing on slower drivers. We tried our best but luck wasn’t on our side. Michał Wójcik was starting from 3rd spot and I was on 6th spot. In finals we fought what we been missing and showed some great racing. We both manage to get as the only ones lap time under 18sec. In the end Michał won the race and I manage to get on the podium on 3rd spot.

F1 final results:

  1. Michał Wójcik – XRAY
  2. Adrian Lippich – Serpent
  3. Michał Milanowicz – XRAY

Quelle: teamxray

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