Power HD – Neue WH Series

Neu von Power HD ist die WH Series mit Aluminiumgehäuse. Diese HV Servos sind wasserdicht und haben ein hohes Drehmoment von 20 – 40 KG. Drei verschiedene Servos stehen zur Auswahl.

Englische Version

Power HD October New Arrival, all-aluminium case, waterproof, high voltage and high torque WH series servos, with torque of 20KG, 30KG, and 40KG, specific for different crawlers’ choice.
#. All-CNC case with waterproof ring inside, and customized waterproof outgoing wire design with special glue injection integrally cables.
#. Use hardened steel gears to reduce the phenomenon of gear chipping during intense driving, and to improve the gear lifespan.
#. The 32-bit MCU high-frequency processor makes the servo operation more exquisite, offer noiseless operation, locked-rotor protection, and power-on slow-start protection.

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