Start der Polish Nationals Rd1

Am 28.11.2020 fand der erste Lauf der polnischen Meisterschaft Onroad 1/10 und 1/12 in der Titan RC Arena in Warschau statt.Natürlich auch hier mit Einschränkung wegen der Corona Pandemie.

Hier der komplette Report:

Race report by Michal Milanowicz

At 28.11.2020 we had the first round of Polish Nationals at Titan RC Arena in Warsaw.
In this covid-19 situations it was hard to get any races done and also not many drivers was willing to attend the race. But we manage it. I was racing in 1/12 scale race for my first time ever with the X12 2021. The car was great and easy to drive, as for my first time in this class I was amaze how fun this class is.

TC Stock 13,5T results:
1. Martin Kratochvil – XRAY T4
2. Karel Kratochvil – XRAY T4
3. Kuba Krus – XRAY T4

TC Stock 17,5T results:
1.    Sebastian Stepniak – XRAY T4
2.    Filip Scienski – Team Asso
3.    Jacek Lipiec – XRAY T4

I was able to take the TQ with a big gap. In A1 I took an easy win, but in A2 I made a mistake and DNF the run. So the A2 was taken by Julek Laskowski. In A3 it was all on one card as 3 drivers could win the overall. It was a difficult fight between me and Norbert as he is a long time driver in 1/12 scale. Norbert won the A3 and me finished 2nd. It was my bad as I’m not used to 8min races, but I will fight for better results.

1/12 results:
1.    Norbert Omelanczuk – Yokomo
2.    Michal Milanowicz – XRAY X12
3.    Julek Laskowski – Schumacher

Formula class results:
1.    Jacek Rogodzinski – Shepherd
2.    Sebastian Stepniak – XRAY
3.    Filip Scienski – XRAY

Quelle: teamxray