Scorpion Tribunus II 14-300A ESC SBEC

Scorpion bringt einen optisch schönen Fahrregler mit der Bezeichnung Tribunus II 14-300A auf den Markt. Dies ist die erste Generation des Fahrreglers.

Speziell für die Helikopter entwickelt.

Englische Version

Since 2017 we released the Tribunus 14-300A ESC that is built for Speed Heli and 800-class Heli. Scorpion is proud to announce our new Scorpion Tribunus II 14-300A ESC SBEC! The First generation of Tribunus 14-300A ESC was well accepted in the R/C hobby market, however we have now taken into account user feedback from the first-generation ESC, as well our own experience from our other Tribunus II ESC’s, and improved the design significantly for our 300A sized ESC. To name a few extraordinary new features, it has

– Newly added USB port for PC connection with/ without a main power source

– Improved BEC Protection

– Futaba telemetry support without additional adaptor

– Android apps supported to allow you to configure or update the ESC via USB port without main power source

Other equally exceptional new features are :

– Improved BEC current and voltage drop for high amps servos. 0.8v drop on 20a

– Added gear ratio and motor poles settings for Jeti and Futaba telemetry

– Increased log size to 64kB

– Optimized current protection

– More PC motor control function

**Using up to16s HV Lipo will not void the warranty.

They are now available to order.

Technische Daten:

Max Continuous Current | 300 Amps

Peak Current | 400Amps

Operating Voltage Range | 14-61 Volts **

BEC Output voltage: | 5.1V to 8.3V adjustable.

Max Continuous BEC Output | 10 Amps @ 8.3 V

Peak BEC Output | 30 Amps/1s @ 8.3 V

On Resistance | 0.65 mOhms *2

Size | 90.7mm x 50mm x 31.9mm (3.57 x 1.97 x 1.26 in)

Weight (Without Connectors) | 244g (8.61 oz)

Drive frequency | 8kHz – 32kHzDynamic Frequency

Cable gauge | 10 AWG

UVP: USD599.99

Quelle: Scorpion