XB4 Active Differential – Center – Set

Nun auch für die Mitte gibt es das Active Differential – Set von Xray für den XB4. Da hat Xray eine interessante Neuerung in ihrem Kegeldifferenzial durch Änderung der Winkel. Siehe Bilder.

Englische Version 

New XB4 Active Differential – Center – Set

  • Improves speed
  • Improves handling
  • Increases the forward traction
  • Improves stability
  • Makes the car easier to drive

The unique XRAY Center Active Differential™ is a high-performance, adjustable gear differential that vastly improves the buggy’s speed and handling characteristics. The special design of the internal components, using different angled segments, allows the diff gears to engage on-power to increase forward traction and stability to make the buggy faster and easier to drive.

While the XRAY Active Center Differential™ is a performance option for serious racers who want to gain an edge on superior speed and handling, it will also benefit any level of driver that wants a more predictable and easy-to-drive car in any racing conditions.

Fits XB4’20-21

#365101 XRAY XB4 Active Differential – Center – Set

Quelle:  teamxray