Sarafyan mit Sieg beim 4.Lauf der türkischen Meisterschaft

In der Türkei ging es in der Offroad 1/8 Meisterschaft mit Lauf 4 weiter. Umut Turkay berichtet davon (Englisch):

RC Park 2022 1/8 Buggy Turkey Championship Round 4, Luleburgaz-Turkey

Tough weekend followed by victories in both categories.

We had another race full of excitement. We held the 4th leg of the RC Park 1/8 Buggy Turkey Championship at Luleburgaz.

There was a lot of competition and surprises in both the Electric and Nitro Buggy classes.

Despite occasional maintenance, the deteriorating track surface made driving more difficult each time.

After the tight Electric finals, the standings were constantly changing until halfway through the 45-minute Nitro final. I fell to the 5th place for a while, and then I recovered and slowly started to progress upwards and sat in the lead. I finished this half victoriously, keeping my pace. Many thanks to my pit crew Gulbin and Oguz, who have a great share in this success.

As usual, my XRAY buggies completed these challenging races without any problems.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in this race, to those who took the podium, to all those who contributed, as well as to all my friends and sponsors who supported me, and to Luleburgaz Municipality for giving us this opportunity. Also, many thanks to Hakan Turedi, who did his best to maintain the track despite these hot temperatures.

Race Results:

1/8 Electric A Main results:

  1. Alain Sarafyan – XRAY XB8E
  2. Mete Salman – XRAY XB8E
  3. Arda Hamurtekin – Mugen

1/8 Nitro A Main Results

  1. Alain Sarafyan – XRAY XB8/FX
  2. Arda Hamurtekin – Mugen
  3. Ozdemir Ari – TLR/FX

See you at the next race (17-18 September)

Quelle: teamxray