X12’23 – Der Neue von Xray

Vor der Hallensaison der 1/12er stellte heute Xray den X12’23 vor.

Features (Englisch):

  • a quicker assembly and disassembly.
  • All-new rear brace is mounted 4mm lower, for a lowered CG, and feature holes for bushings to mount side braces for a better look.
  • All-new battery mounting system with improved reliability and ease of battery installation. The front battery stop is mounted into the chassis and can be moved in 2mm steps forward or backwards to eliminate the possibility to shift the battery forward in crashes and is centered by the shock post to eliminate the possibility for the battery stop to shift sideways.
  • Improved flex in front suspension using double front brace system. For improved steering response and cornering speed.
  • Updated steering backstops for better reliability and ease of adjustment.
  • All-new foam bumper redesigned for better clearance when using a setup station.
  • All-new nickel coated surface on the king pin axles for smoother damping action

Seht selbst in der tollen Präsentation, was euch erwartet: https://bit.ly/X12-23

Quelle: teamxray