Team Orion präsentiert einen neuen Fahrregler für den Offroad und Onroad 1/8 Bereich. Dafür wurde in den USA und Europa getestet, bis nun der neue TORSION 8X vorgestellt wurde. Dieser ist über eine separat erhältliche Programmierbox einstellbar.

Developed for 1:8 Buggy, Truggy and On-Road competition, Team Orion Racing engineered the Torsion 8X ESC with a “No Compromise” philosophy. Our Team Drivers tested the Torsion 8X in competition at tracks in the USA and Europe, making it performance tested and perfectly suited for the highest level of performance in all 1:8 scale classes. The Torsion 8X is a versatile and powerful ESC with a large range of precision settings, smooth throttle & brake feel, and state of the art hardware. It comes pre-programmed with settings that are suitable for most car types and racing conditions.


  • CNC aluminum case with integrated cooling
  • Brake, throttle, timing and power band settings
  • High precision throttle and brake control
  • Extreme low resistance FET
  • Ultra low resistance solder tabs for large gauge wires
  • Power capacitors integrated
  • Cooling fan 30mm
  • Pro settling with ORI65202 Torsion Program Box

By utilizing the optional Torsion Program Box (ORI65202), the performance of the Torsion 8X can be fine tuned for maximum performance. The following settings can be adjusted and saved using the Torsion Program Box:

Brake strength, frequency, drag brake, initial brake, and punch can be adjusted to reach the ultimate brake feeling.
Frequency, punch control, and dead band settings allow fine tuning the Torsion 8X to any motor type in any vehicle to reach the ideal power band.
Timing setup is a must on larger tracks to increase power and top speed.
Other adjustable features using the optional Torsion Program Box include Forward/Brake or Forward/Brake/Reverse mode, BEC voltage adjustment, Low voltage cut-off, Temperature cut-off, and Motor rotation direction