RF3 Conversion Kit für den TLR

Für Besitzer des Team Losi 22 5.0 gibt es von Willspeed ein Umbausatz, welches schon für andere Fahrzeuge gibt. Dies natürlich angepasst, damit dieses Set auch perfekt funktioniert.

  • Neues 5-Gang-Getriebe mit +5 mm Längenanpassung
  • Swept-Cut-Chassis für maximale Bodenfreihei
  • Neue Low-Profile-Karosserie des RF3 Raven

Englische Version

Level up in 2023 with the WS RF3 ☝️⬆️

Progressing on a successful 4 years since the incarnation of the RF2 conversion platform, utilising the same principles and philosophies now proven we took the design back to basics to keep the same integral properties but improve on further adjustability, tunability and durability resulting in an all new platform, we introduce the RF3.

Some of the new Features Include –

  1. New 5 gear gearbox utilising subframe structure and chassis design with +5mm length adjustment
  2. Separate chassis nose section machined as single billet piece, no 2nd bend operation.
  3. Swept cut chassis for maximum ground clearance
  4. Unique tower construction with low frontal area
  5. Vertical ball stud mounting
  6. Roll bar mounting
  7. New RF3 Raven low profile bodyshell

Preorders are still available for the RF3 – TLR version. Shipping by end of January.
Preorders for the AE variant will open shortly.

Quelle: Willspeed / Webshop